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Convening social sector leaders to navigate the future of AI

Checkout early insights from the AI Readiness Survey.

How do we navigate the challenges and opportunities of AI and LLM adoption?

Responsible adoption of AI and LLMs across the social sector is critical to drive new opportunities for fundraising, engaging supporters, and promoting generosity. The Generosity AI Working Group is connecting workstreams and creating a collaborative community of practice to inform research, product development, and best practices.

Ways to participate

Take the AI Readiness Survey
Share your perspective on your current AI usage, comfortability, and perceived risks by participating in the AI Readiness Survey.

Contribute to the Problem Library
and contribute to our growing Problem Library by sharing your questions and problems to inform forward progress of responsible AI research, work and experimentation to investigate or address these challenges.

Dive into the Resource Libraries and Datasets
Explore our resource libraries and datasets for AI experimentation below.

Problem Library

A repository of research questions and problems relating to responsible adoption of AI and LLMs in the social sector, as well as information on work and experimentation to investigate or address these challenges.

Knowledge Bank

Articles, publications, and other resources that can be used to advance collaborative work on AI and LLMs in the social sector. New submissions accepted from Working Group members on an ongoing basis.


Example datasets covering trends in online giving, behavioral giving data, and support for nonprofit issues and causes. All data is open and transparently available so that it can be built upon by the sector.

Tools & Initiatives

A collection of information on pilot projects aiming to increase innovation and develop best practices and development tools (e.g. classifiers, prompt libraries, etc.) that may be of use for social sector researchers.

Working Group Goals

  • Inform the adoption and use of AI & LLMs in the social sector.
  • Learn from the early prototyping and development of open source AI tools and practices.
  • Share learning among social sector practitioners and technology providers to improve outcomes and manage risks.
  • Contribute to the development of ethics and governance guidelines for social sector organizations using AI tools in their work.

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